Uploading audios

Hi, I tried to upload an audio file for an exchange request but I haven’t been able to. Is it because I am not a paying member ? I think I read this somewhere but I really can’t remember.

I posted the audio with a link to Soundcloud but I cannot be awarded the points for the exchange request.

Does anybody have any suggestions ?

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Have you waited long enough? The upload is really slow. Or do you get an error message?

Thanks Veral !

How long are we talking about ? More than a half hour ?

It depends on your internet connection and the length of the audio. Usually it takes about 2-10 minutes. Half an hour seems extremly long to me.

By the way, is it an MP3 file? You should also try to improve the sound quality. I followed your link in the exchange request and I find the sound quality a bit poor.

Hi Vera, you always surprise me with the things you find out. How did you find Elfin’s link? I was trying to listen to the sound file myself.

Hi Vera, thanks it was my first audio ever so I really know little on the subject.

What can I do to improve the quality ? This interests me very much.

I live by a very busy road and I can’t keep the windows shut so maybe I shouldn’t be making audio tracks in the first place ?

The internet connection is quite slow, but if I know that it is going to take a long time I could try waiting longer.

Thanks for the suggestions!

@Fernanda: I searched for open request in the English exchange. Then I looked out for an audio request :wink:

Here is the direct link: Login - LingQ

Hi Elfin, I use Audacity to record; if you use a mic, I think the outside noise won’t matter much, unless it’s really very loud. Be sure the level of your mic is set to the maximum.
You can also use an online tool: Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder – One-click to record audio
It saves the file as mp3.

Thanks, Vera, but I couldn’t get there by going to the Exchange, I couldn’t find a filter and I got fed up with so much scrolling without finding any audio request.

@Elfgal - I hear your voice clearly, but I can also hear the noise of the traffic outside.

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@Fernanda: It is the second request if you choose “open Request” (click on the small arrow next to “Exchange” to choose this) and then select “studying English” in the sub-headline.

Thanks mfr !

@Elfgal: I saw your comment in the exchange request. You should definetely upload it. Otherwise this request would stay open forever :wink: What was your problem?
By the way, you can export audacity files in an MP3 file. Did you know this?

@Vera - This is weird - if I select Exchange/open Requests, having English selected, the only request I see ( in Firefox) is one from Steve, dating back from September. The option scroll to see more doesn’t give me any more results.
I tried cleaning the cache, but there are no changes. However, I tried Chrome and there I can see Laiona’s request and Elfin’s answer.

@Fernanda: Have you selected all countries, all members (not friends only)?

That was it! I only had Friends selected! Thanks a lot!

Sorry, and I don’t understand WHERE can I upload an audio file for an exchange request. I see just “write comment”. And what about uploading file? Help))

@KaterinaZah - If you want to submit an audio file for pronunciation correction, you can click the sound icon that appears next to the “Check spelling” link in the submission form.

If you want to respond to a request that someone else posted, you will need to click “Fulfil Request” then there will be a place to add an audio file if the request requires audio.

@alex: thanks for your help. I got it))