Uploading audiobooks: How to deal with split files?

Is there a solution for uploading chapters of audiobooks that are longer than 2,000 words? I’m trying to upload an audiobook with rather large chapters (7,000 words), with the corresponding audio files, but the automatic splitting of texts into 2,000-word segments is flubbing up the audio: if I only attach the audio to the first segment, the other segments (ie. the other parts of the same chapter) can’t be made public (because there is no audio associated with them.)

The other solution seems to be to reupload the audio for each 2,000-word segment, which seems a little crazy…


Why don’t we have an option to split the lesson or to leave it as long as it is?

Hi gregf,
I am sorry but 2000 words per lesson is maximum. This is a limit that works best in terms of performance which is why the change was made in the first place, also most users seem to prefer shorter lessons to longer lessons if we look at statistics of which lessons get used more.
We don’t split the audio automatically, just the text. The full audio gets attached to both parts. You would have to manually split the audio if you wanted to match it up with the text and then re-upload it for each part.

As far as I remember, the full audio gets attached to the 1st part only, NOT to both parts. I have had the same experience as @gregf has already described.

I confirm, the audio is only attached to the first part of a split file.

This effectively makes it impossible to upload and share book-length materials onto Lingq.

My bad, sorry. Yes, the audio gets attached to the 1st part only.
Perhaps some day in the future we will have a better solution here, but in the meantime you will either need to upload the same audio file multiple times or split the audio into multiple parts and add the lessons in smaller chunks (which, though it’s a bit more time consuming, would likely be nicer to use when studying).

Yes, it does mean, it is necessary to manually split and upload the audio separately for each part. Sorry but there is no automated way of doing this. As Zoran mentioned, shorter parts work better for the system. In future, we can look at increasing this limit if we can improve performance to the point where we are satisfied.

But, it certainly doesn’t mean sharing book length materials is impossible.

Can’t we directly continue from the next chapter/part when the audio is still playing/“floating”?

I haven’t read all the posts. This is what I have been doing. I have been creating an audio book for a friend in English. For my own studies in Spanish and German I decided to upload this same book for my self. For her I would only read for about 5 minutes because I couldn’t send her a file larger than that. But a 5 minute lesson is a lot of words to grab and make links out of so I don’t feel bad now that we are using this system to study. I then only upload the corresponding words for each segment of audio so that they are synced correctly at the correct spots. I also don’t split paragraphs or sentences so that an entire paragraph remains in a lesson. I do the same process for the Spanish and German equivalent. Except I deal with the audio first. https://audio-cutter.com/ I can see where the gaps are when looking at the audio because the speaker has to breath. I split it first into chapters. Then I split the chapters into smaller about 5 min segments. I then do a search for where I am in the document using the massive search ability of the computer and get it to do what it is designed to do. I figure out where I am and move the splice to either side of that current paragraph or thought so it doesn’t break the thought when splicing the audio. I now have marked where in the text I will splice the text at too. I then upload both and walla. I have about 5 to 7 min audio segments for a lesson and 5 to 7 lessons for a chapter.