Upload video with subtitles

Hello, is there a way to upload the movie and subtitles from this site to lingQ?
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This is the only site I know that has Persian subtitles for YouTube movies (and I didn’t find a way to copy and paste theme).

Also how do I upload YouTube videos to lingQ with subtitles. For example, in Russian, YouTube has a way of creating automatic subtitles. Can the movie be uploaded to lingQ with these subtitles?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Have you tried the Lingq Chrome browser extension? If not, try that. I noticed also that this is a youtube video, so if importing directly from the link you gave doesn’t work, go to the video in youtube itself (when you start playing the video, near the bottom right of the player, you’ll see “YouTube”. Click that and it will take you to YouTube itself. There you should be able to use the Lingq Chrome extension to import it.

Anything with CC subtitles I think is importable with the extension. Possibly certain languages don’t work, but I’m not sure.

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