Upload of audio doesn't work

I tried import content. When I want to upload the audio, I got an error:
HTTP 500 Internal Servererror

Hi Vera,

It works for me and we haven’t heard this from anyone else. It could be that the server timed out because it was under a heavy load at the time you tried or it could be a problem with your audio file. Please try again and see if you have the same error. If so, please check the file and make sure it it not too large and has a frequency of 44100 hz or 22050hz.

Hi Mark,
Now I realized what the problem causes. The name of the file was too long. It was a little bit confusing because I tried it out with 3 different files but unfortunately all 3 names were to long. It is surely one of Murphy’s laws, you know :wink:

That’s good! We’ll try to add an error message for that situation.