Upgrading into Prmium account for first month for free

I have recently been given a notification about upgrading my free account into premium account for free, but when I did that, I found myself asked to enter my credit card number. Thus,
will my credit card be charged or not? Will it be charged for the other months?

Hi Acooperator,

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I guess a 50% discount over two months would be equivalent to one free month?

If that’s what it means then the message is misleading.
“Get your first two months half price” maybe, but your first month isn’t free.

No such thing as a free LingQ, I suppose…


No such thing as free whatever


@acooperator - The promotion is intended for members who are interested in trying out the Premium membership on LingQ, and is a way to give them a low-risk option to try it out. :slight_smile:

If you stay upgraded, you will be charged starting your second month, otherwise you can cancel at any time during your first month if you decide you don’t like it.

@acooperator - Ah, I see what you’re saying. Yeah, that was definitely an issue on our end. Sorry about that! The code gives you a 100% discount on your first month of Premium membership, not a 50% discount on your first two months.

Thank you all of you very much indeed,

I really have given it a try, and all what I have seen that a -10$ discount, and not a hundred percent discount.

If the discount were 100%, then I wouldn’t have been asked to enter my credit card number.
Besides, If I don’t want to be automatically charged for the next other months, what should I do? Maybe I forget to cancel my first month of LingQ Premium free!. Thus, I will be automatically charged

@Acooperator - $10 discount on $10 membership = 100% discount :slight_smile:

You have been asked to enter your billing info because, in fact, it is a Premium (paid) membership, but you get first month for free. As it is a recurring membership (with automatic payment collection), you have to cancel it on your account page before the next billing date.

Thanks a lot,

So far, I really don’t know what changes could be happened on my free account once I upgraded into a premium account
Also, since I only want to try and test this premium account available for a month for free, I want to know exactly where I should go to cancel premium account in case I don’t like it.(if there is a screen shot showing me this, it will be highly appreciated).
Moreover, I really asked a Linq user to correct my article by choosing him as a corrector, but I was asked that I didn’t have any points. Thus, does a premium account enable to submit an article to a corrector(Post and Submit for Correction )? If no, then there are no good features in a premium account?

In addition, if only these features below would be enabled in upgrading into a premium account for free. Then, I really would ask any Lingq user to upload his exported lessons and then I will donwload them from there.
20 LingQs
Imported Lessons.
Flashcard iPhone App----------------
What does ‘20 Lingq’ mean?
I really think that ‘Imported Lessons’ is not useful at all (‘Exported lessons’ feature would be much better than ‘imported lessons’).
Also, if there no points let me to submit a correcting writing, then no features are good in the first month for free.
As a result, I think it isn’t worth a try.

@Acooperator - You can learn more about what is included with a Premium membership on the following page: Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade on LingQ:

If you upgrade, you can downgrade at any time by clicking the “Downgrade” button that will appear underneath the Free membership. This will cancel your subscription and no more payments will be taken.

Should you want to take advantage of the tutoring services available on LingQ, you can either upgrade to the Premium Plus level or you can purchase points on the Points page.

By the way, I see you’ve never actually used LingQ’s system for studying lessons, adding words to Known and saving words you don’t know. You can learn more about this functionality on the Academy page (Login - LingQ).

Let us know if you still have questions about this!