Upgraded to Premium and Won't Let Me Import Vocab


I just upgraded to the $10/month version of premium and it won’t let me import any vocabulary. I get an error saying that I need to upgrade to premium. Is importing vocab restricted to the more expensive plan?

No, once you are a paying member you have access to al features. However, I can’t answer your technical question and leave that to someone else.

Sorry for the trouble here!
It seems that this issue may have been related to our update few days ago, and account is actually upgraded few hours after payment instead of instantly. I’ve just checked your account and it seems that everything is fine now and that your LingQs limit is on unlimited now. Would you let us know if you’re still experiencing this same issue?

Hi, I decided to just give it time and everything is working correctly now. Thanks!

Hi Zoran, are there anywhere some written instructions about importing new vocab that I can read? I know I can import individual words, lists or use files but what sort of syntax is used when importing. Where do I put words and where do I put their definitions for instance? Thanks in advance.

Hi pawcioolq,
You can import vocabulary through CSV file, make sure that Term, Hint and Phrase are all in column A, separated with comma, without spaces:


If you are importing individual words, just click on the “Import Vocabulary” button on the top of the Vocabulary Page import the term. After that it will should up on the list and you will be able to add translation and note.

Hope this helps