Upgrade required to make 16th lingq

The free version used to have 100 free lingqs. Then it was downsized to 20.
I have 15 lingqs, and I am not able to make up to 20 any longer. Was there another downsize that I missed?

@wolffywolf - You’re right, the limit was adjusted I think around this time last year. This means that if you’ve hit the limit then deleting LingQs won’t reset the limit. You can upgrade at any time to the Premium membership to remove this limit.

hi alex
thanks for answering.
There are ‘only’ 15 and I never hit the limit of 20. Your data base or system says that I need to upgrade to make more. Do you know if there is an even newer limit of ‘less than 20’? If it hasn’t changed since the downgrade to the 20 lingq limit, why say 20 are free. I actually subscribed for one month recently. Maybe, they are free until you actually subscribe as a trial only, but if you don’t stay subscribed, the free trial of 20 is over… It sounds messed up to even speculate this…

@wolffywolf - Ah, I see the problem. The limit has been triggered in your account, which means that a total of 20 new LingQs have been created over the lifetime of your account. However, removing these LingQs shouldn’t adjust the number on the Account page. This number seems to be inaccurate, and is showing the number of current LingQs instead of the total number of LingQs that you have created.

It isn’t related to whether your account was upgraded before or not, as this number is tracked whether or not you have a Premium membership.

Hopefully this helps clarify things. In the meantime, we’ll look into getting this number to show the correct statistic.

Hello again Alex,
I am certain that I have not made more than 15 lingq ever to this account! I made 13 and then 2 more after I subscribed.
Is it possible that when I was subscribed, I imported more lessons than the 5 free ones; now that after I am unsubscribed, I have access to ‘all’ of these imported lessons, not to just the first 5, and these lessons or rather the words in the lessons are counting? I was very careful not to make any lingqs than 15 until I had learned every word because my words are from the advanced expanation portion of the first chapter of beginning level of cyberitalian. These words are not the actual vocabulary of the lesson, but explain grammar etc. in Italian. Please, please escalate this to your supervisor. What you’re saying is that I can unlingq and or say I’ve learned all 15 words, so now I have zero lingqs to study; and I can never make any more with a free
account because I already made them [once a lingq always a lingq]. The 20 lingqs are not interchangeable, but fixed. If this is the case, your website needs to specify that we are allowed 20 free ‘one time lingqs’ that are not interchangable. However, I have made only 15…

I did however used the google translate feature with audio [very cool] when I was subsribed for individual words, phrases and sentences.
Again, I was careful then not to make more lingqs than 2 more from 13 to15 [ I could have made many and had them ‘all’ now when I was unsubscribed to review].
My e-mailed lingq list is proof! There is [are, were] only 15!

@wolffywolf - Hmm, interesting. Thanks for the additional information! It’s a bit tough for us to know what exactly happened on the back end of things, since searching through logs from several months ago will simply take too long. However, I have added this item to our list and we’ll spend some time making sure everything here is working properly. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

Hi Alex,
Are the 20 lingqs non- interchangeable, but fixed. ?

You are right about the things that happened before.
Let’s talk about now. I have deleted all my lingqs [LingQs
Before I deleted each one the website says "This term is scheduled for review. Are you sure you want to remove this term? It will be completely removed from your account and your statistics. "

I now try to make a single new Lingq because now I have nothing.
This is what the data base here states “To continue creating unlimited LingQs, you will need to upgrade”

Aren’t the lingqs central here for the study format on your website?
Because I no longer have any lingqs, should I delete my entire account?


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This is my favorite part. You´re basically saying “Let´s take advantage of LingQ without giving them anything back”. That´s just lovely.

@Paule89 - I’ve deleted this user’s very obviously promotional posts :slight_smile:

@wolffywolf - Sorry for not being clear above! The limit of 20 is a hard limit. This means that if you create 20 LingQs then delete those 20 LingQs, you cannot create more LingQs with the same Free account. You can, however, still access lessons, download audio files, and participate on the forum and on the Exchange. However, to save more LingQs you will need to upgrade your account to Premium.