Updating LingQ

Hi all,

Just a heads up that we will be updating the site very shortly. The new changes should be up soon!

Please see the announcement for beta languages here:

I can already see the updates! Wonderful! But, where is the “Add Friend” button?

Looking good so far… looking forward to the first Dutch lessons.

Ah, changes on the profile. Looks interesting. But I miss the “Add friend” option.

I’ve just uploaded the FIRST Dutch lesson. It’s about Belgium. You can find it within Advanced 1. The site looks good to me, the dropdown menu has been improved I see, it looks better now!

No Greek or Latin :frowning:

I don’t think you can get audiobooks in Latin, but you can add another language yourself, right? At least, it says ‘start a new language’ in the dropdown menu. So maybe, we’ll find Greek in the near future?

@siccow - have you shared the lesson ? I don’t see it in the library.

Oh yes, sorry, I can see it now… I had to change the filter to Adv 1. Thanks !

@jamie - Yes, you can find it under Advanced 1, if not, maybe this link works: Login - LingQ.
Good luck!

I saw that there weren’t any accents added to the Dutch section, maybe we should add Flemish and Netherlands Dutch?? I’d like to hear your thoughts.

Thanks siccow - nice little lesson ! I’ve created my first LingQs in Dutch ! Which part of NL are you from by the way ?

@Vera - Thanks, we’ll look into this issue.

@Jamie - I live in The Hague, you might know it from the news: Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, International Court of Justice, etc.

Sorry, this is a bit off topic…

@Alex: Is LingQ adding “Who is she” etc. or is it down to the members to add those themselves?

@siccow - I certainly do know The Hague, I’ve lived here for five years ! I wouldn’t have placed your accent from The Hague though… your "g"s seem softer to me (but of course I’m no expert). Have you lived in Den Haag all your life ?

@jamie - That’s not me, the audio file comes from Wikipedia. The accent is Flemish. I have lived in Den Haag since I was born.

@James123 - We will not be providing any content for the beta languages. If a language does gain significant ground then we will consider adding full support, which would mean adding these beginner lessons as well if nobody has provided them. I believe for Czech, TheDoctor has already translated and recorded these lessons. I am see which language moves past beta first :slight_smile: