Updated Task Widget

We just uploaded a brand new Task Widget. The previous four task popups have been combined into one and the new popup opens when you hover on the the tasks icon. We know that many members did not realize the previous task popups were there and we are hoping this new design is more obvious and easy to use. There is a link to the collection always available as well as an easy to find Download Audio link. We also changed the counters into dropdowns since the up and down arrows were not always obvious in the previous version. We hope you like the new changes.

I like it. It’s cool.

Thanks, Nobuo. I should also add that the list of activity on the Forum pages now shows Active Threads instead of Recent Posts which has been a much requested change.

I have firefox (3.5.7, the latest) and it doesn’t work. Javascript is switched on. IE8 works, but it’s not my default browser. Maybe there is a bug

Thank you! Can the counters be used repeatedly? i.e. when you reach 10 repetitions, can you just start from 0 again? I tried switching from 3 to 2 - no change in today’s record - then I switched from 2 to 3: minutes were added. So it seems negative minutes can only be entered on the profile page.

@ Adalberto - try refreshing your browser. It works fine for me in Firefox. In IE it works except on the Lesson page where it doesn’t appear for some reason. Good old IE…

@ Reinhard - No, the counters can’t be used repeatedly. They count as many times as are shown. We will increase the possible number to 30. I would think that would be enough… Decreasing your counters still does not subtract. You can only subtract from the profile page.

what if I want to listen to an item more than 10 times?

Nice going! It works by me in 3 several browsers. I listen to the podcast online very seldom though, I put it in my MP3. I never make changes manual, so my listening is always 0 times.

I do the same junair. However, many people are quite disciplined about putting in the number of times they listen, whether online or on their MP3 player. Then there are other people like us. Maybe this will make it easier to track off line listening. I might start doing it a bit even though it will not be accurate.

Perhaps I should try it too, but I’m afraid I’ll soon consider it as an unwanted and worthless effort.

It would be nice to increase the number of repetitions. I listen to some contents more than 20 times.
I like to know the total time of my listening.

Safari 4.0.3 on a mac

I hover and it “pops up” but when I try to reach it, it disappears. It is as if it’s too far away. There is no way for me to change anything :frowning:

When I move the mouse outside the menu the popup is gone.

Yeah I have a problem because I’ve listened to the lessons more than 10 times, so now they’re all set to “0.”

Can you add more options for number of times listened to / read? Like 20 or more?

Yes, we will fix the counters so you can go as high as you want. We may just go back to the old counters. As for the popup, berta, is that particularly on the Lesson page that you are having that problem? I, too, am finding it a problem on that page.

Ok, I can’t go past 10 times for reading and listening, and when I got on all of my previous settings for my lesson were all zero though they said I listened to something 178 minutes, which I did.

Sorry, I should have added that I listen to things many times.(i.e. about 50 times or more depending on content. Personal preference, I liked the old one)

It seems I like the new widget by its describing, but… It does not work :((( My browser is
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.0; ru; rv: Gecko/20091102 Firefox/3.5.5 (.NET CLR 3.5.30729)

mine doesn’t work.

Mark it happens also in the MAIN and the LESSONS pages. As well as in the lesson itself. This on mac with Safari.

I just came from my windows partition (windows xp) and there I have ie8 8.0.6001.18702. But there it works in the MAIN and LESSONS but in the lesson itself the widget is just gone, you just see white where the widget should be (I refreshed the browser a few times).

“The list of activity on the Forum pages now shows Active Threads instead of Recent Posts . . .”

This change is great. We can have a broader view of the recently active threads. Thank you, Mark.