Updated Profile Page, Request Conversation, etc

With the new Beta Languages update, we have also included several other new changes:

Updated Profile Page

We have now redesigned the profile page to better display relevant information. On the top you will notice various sections such as Native Language, Skype Name, Email Address, and more. Underneath this will be the bio section, where you can write about yourself. We have also reduced the font size to make the page more compact.

In addition, on the left-hand side you will now see any conversations that a tutor has posted along with the ability to sign up for these conversations right from the profile page.

Request Conversation

We have now added a way to request conversations with tutors on LingQ. With the new Request Conversation feature, you can now see whether or not a tutor is online and can request to have a conversation with them either immediately or at any time in the future. We hope this will help some of you who lead busy lives to have conversations when you have some free time.

Simply click the “Request Conversation” button found on a tutor’s profile, fill in the appropriate information and wait for them to accept or reject your request.

Tutor Popup

When searching for Tutors on the Friends Search page, you will now be able to see more detailed ratings for each tutor by hovering over the magnifying glass next to their name. With this new popup, it will be easier to tell experienced tutors from newer tutors, in addition to giving you more information to decide who choose as your tutor.

Language Dropdown

With Beta Languages, we have now redesigned the language dropdown to more easily select languages. In addition, only the languages that you have opened will display on the dropdown, making it less intrusive for many users. We also expect that the new design will more clearly show people how to change the language on LingQ.

As with all changes, please let us know what you think!

One other thing you can now see is whether other members are online at the moment which is kind of a neat feature and may help when trying to schedule instant conversations.