Updated LingQ Chrome Extension

Hello Everyone,

There is a new update (1.3.1) to the LingQ Chrome Extension. It’ should be working on both Windows and Mac on all sites including secure pages. After updating the LingQ Chrome Extension, you may have to refresh your browser for the changes to take effect.


Does it work for chrome on an iPad?

Does this extension replace the bookmarklet which used to work perfectly but now no longer works at all?

What should I do when I get the message ‘This text looks like it is not in the selected language. Confirm the selected language and try again.’?

Oh, now the extension has imported my text, but the text is in Spanish and it turned up imported as a German lesson!

Great news. It seems to be working for me now at last

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That happens when you’ve been studying one language on LingQ then try using the extension with content from a different language, or the last article you imported was in a different language.
For example: I’m studying German on LingQ. I open a new tab/window to a news site in Spanish. When I click “Open on LingQ” that message will pop up.
All I have to do is switch to Spanish from the drop down and click “Open on LingQ” again.

Which browser are you using? I tried to reproduce that bug but everything is importing correctly.

Very glad to hear. Thanks for your patience.

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It’'s really one of the most useful features of this plugin and of LINGQ in general. Good job. :slight_smile:

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I’m all sorted out now also. Thanks, this extension is better than the old bookmarklet!

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Great to hear!

@thomas_dc - No, it doesn’t work on mobile, unfortunately, but that is in the plans too!