Updated Friends Page

We have once again made some updates to the Friends page. We are trying to present the information in an easier to manage interface. We will continue to optimize this page to get it to load more quickly and make it easier to use. We have decided to focus on a few main rankings and to show all the information on one page.

Be sure to let us know how you like our update.

I know I don’t make friends easily, but your update seems to have deprived me of most of the few I had made (64). I now have only one left: thank you, Berta, for sticking with me!

P.S. I like the Blogs being visible on the same page. I am not interested in the statistics as such (I quite liked looking at them from time to time under their separate tab), but I can see the attraction for people who are competitive.

Maybe this has been explained somewhere already, but I always wonder why I don’t just see my Friends when I click the Friends button. I think it is to encourage people to make Friends, but perhaps the button should be renamed “Friend Finder” or some such.

@SanneT - There is a problem with the Friends window. We are working on it. It is supposed to be showing active friends but is not working properly.

@dooo - We prefer to think of Friends as the place you keep up with what your friends are doing.

@ Mark: Great, because now even Berta has gone! In any case, I shouldn’t be hanging around here, it is much too late and way past my bedtime. Thank you and good night!

ahh ok… the third filter was set at ALL… i thought that meant all my friends… not all members of LingQ.

Why do only three of my friends appear on the main Friends page? It also says “Friends (3)”. If I click on See all, I see I do have more than 3 friends!

I just noticed that, when I select a language on the Friends page, the Activity scores and LingQ created numbers are still relative to the whole activity on LingQ, not to that single language. Is this a bug or is it meant to appear this way? I enjoyed looking at the statistics for Polish…

@ mikebond - There is a bug with the friends area. We’re working on it. Thanks for pointing out the other issue. We will get that back the way it was.

Thanks, Mark!

I like the new layout of the friends page! Good job!

Other than the bugs that were mentioned above. I too would like to see satistics per language as opposed to overall site statistics. For example, I found it motivating to check who were the top lingq creators for each languages… At the moment the Lingqs are only showing stats for ALLL accumulated languages together. Would be nice to see single language stats aswell.

thanks for the update.