Update the premium is always error

I’ve tried multiple cards,paypals. and everything is being declined .There seems to be a fundamental issue with payments on the site. I need help!

I am sorry to hear that! Please check your email, I provided some instructions. We will get it sorted out. Thanks!

hello! I added my card in this . But it demonstrate “Your transaction has been rejected please use a different card or contact your bank.” I don’t know why?

Unfortunately, your payment keeps getting declined and your card rejected by your bank. Can you please contact your bank and ask them why they rejected transactions?
Or, are you able to upgrade with your PayPal account instead?

Sorry,I don’t think that the pay always error is my fault. Because I chang some different peoples cards, China, Japan, American, visa and Paypal. I tried everything that I could. I guess my account or website have some troubles. Maybe changing credit cards too often ,so it cause unknown errors…

Strange, I see that other users are paying without problems. Are you saying that you tried paying with the PayPal too and that also failed?

yes,paypal can’t work too

Can you please give it another try with PayPal payment now? Thanks!

Yesterday, i chang an other account to pay for the premium. the first time ,the new can be used. so i think this old account have a big trouble to pay. And i don’t know how to export the text and words ancient?

You can export all your LingQs under the More Actions button on the Vocabulary tab.