Update: Several issues fixed

This thread contains a full list of known issues and issues that have already been addressed. If you are experiencing any issues not in this list or are still having problems with issues that are fixed, please let us know below!


  • Issues with switching between LingQs/blue words
  • Slowness when clicking on yellow LingQs or changing status on Lesson page
  • Internal errors when using certain filters in Library
  • Scroll bar in Dashboard on IE not working properly
  • URLs from m.youtube.com aren’t able to be shared on the Friends page
  • Some issues with the “Taken” number for shared lessons
  • Issue with automatic reading counter when finishing a lesson

(plus 80 older items)

  • Save button replaced in Hint and Phrase fields by a “Saving” indicator which appears when you hit enter, move to another term or click away from those fields.
  • Imported lessons or edits of lessons are sometimes not “LingQable” right away but only after a delay - Fixed
  • Google Translate for phrases - Fixed
  • Missing language flags for Latin and Esperanto added to profile. Portuguese now composite flag.
  • Private and Shared lessons are no longer shown in My Lessons if Private and Shared filters are not set
  • Playlists can now be edited properly
  • Playlist handling in library improved
  • Language filter in Friends now filters milestones
  • Writing drafts are removed as drafts from writing list when submitted
  • Show only shared lessons when searching by provider/owner.
  • Search courses by provider/owner.
  • Search playlists by provider/owner.
  • Ability to delete hints in Dashboard. (Delete hint text and save)
  • Issue with some private courses not displaying lessons in My Lessons has been resolved.
  • Single word on it’s own line not linkable - fixed
  • “null” note appearing for some LingQs - this has been removed
  • Tooltips appearing for known words totals by language on the Profile
  • Selection of Lessons, Courses or Playlists is now remembered when you visit the Library, My Lessons or Imports pages.
  • Added Latin text to speech
  • email alerts to corrector now working for submitted writing
  • search field in writing corrector popup now working
  • source url automatically captured when importing using the import bookmarklet
  • import bookmarklet now works the first time it is clicked in all browsers
  • 5 star writing or correction report rating results in a rose being awarded to the tutor
  • rose notification added to Timeline
  • LingQs of the day notification fixes in Timeline
  • edit link added on Dictation and Multiple Choice cards
  • Number of lessons now shows correctly for Playlists.
  • Auto subscribe to forum threads only happens the first time you post to a thread.
  • Fixed bug preventing changing of username and password on Account page.
  • Fix bug preventing Request Conversation popup from showing
  • Links to view Shared Lessons and Shared Courses on tutor’s profiles now working properly
  • Link to view Share Playlists has also been added on the tutor’s profile
    Phrases can now be edited in the LingQ widget without seeing “span” text
    new - The Import lesson page now has the Save & Open button shown initially and all save buttons are also visible at the top of the page.
    new - Private lessons which have been shared in the Friends Activity list which are imported, now also import the audio along with the text
    new - The Archived filter on the Library page now filters the displayed results to show either archived lessons (when selected) or active lessons (not selected).
    new - New control at the top of the lesson page text window which lets you disable auto-scrolling
    new - New keyboard shortcuts on lesson page: shift + enter to edit selected hint, f to check dictionary
    new - Fix captured phrase when LingQing a word on a line by itself
    new - all member’s blog posts are now automatically posted to their walls if members have input their blog url on their profile
    new - Save, delete buttons restored to bottom of import lesson page
    new - My Playlists added to content dropdown on Learn page
    new - labels Hint and Phrase removed from LingQ widget to make more room for input fields and reduce issues with long translations. Labels are available on the mouse over
    new - single words on their own lines can now be LingQed properly.
    new - lesson titles in list view in Library, My Lessons, Imports now clickable
    new - Courses now have an “Import lesson to course” option in the course dropdown in the library, my lesson, imports to make it faster to add new lessons to existing courses
    new - Forum urls no longer have a language prefix in them. This prevents changing of the target language by clicking on these links
    new - View Playlist action on the Learn page now shows the correct view
    new - Fix bug which sends you to the top of the lesson when deleting a tag
    new - Fix shift + left arrow shortcut on the lesson page which had stopped working
    new - Added single column view to Library

Another update: The Friends page is now back up now. Give it a test and let us know if you find any issues.

Good work, guys :slight_smile:

I’ve definitely noticed an improvement in the speed and site (overall) seems to be a bit tidier (including the profile page).

I’ve got one issue that I can’t seem to work around at the moment. I’m trying to find some stuff that I have (or had) in my Archives for Spanish, but it doesn’t seem to appear using any of the Sort options that are on the page (None, A-Z, Recently Opened, Recently Added, Date Shared in Library, Rating). Is there any way I can sort it so that it shows me everything I currenlty have archived, regardless of when it was last opened etc?

Have you tried the Search box at the top. I think we will need some feedback on the Library to make sure it works as well as possible.

Firstly I’d like to thank everyone at Lingq for updating he site. 2.0 is is considerably better and more efficient.

I am able to use the website just fine on Mozilla Firefox but not Chrome (I don’t know which version of Chrome I’m using). Also even on Firefox (and Internet explorer, which incidentally I think is where broken software goes when it dies) the audio is not working with Google translate. Also I am unable to add imported lessons to a collection.

@steve - I could try that, but I can’t remember the names of the collections. If nothing can be done, I’ll just find some other similar collections to fulfill the same purpose.

@peter - Not sure why those lessons aren’t all showing up. In the meantime, can you try showing courses instead of lessons when looking at the My Lessons view in the Library? You might have a better chance of finding the course.

@bonnenouvellejonny - Text to speech isn’t working yet. When you import a lesson you choose the course at the top right from a dropdown beside the Title.

@lmyirt - Not a bad thought and we have toyed with a section name like that but we want to keep the menu items down. Let’s see how this goes for a bit.


@mark - Thanks, yes, I was able to find it under “Courses”. “Trafalgar” was the one I was looking for. So I opened up the collection, found the chapter I was up to, and I clicked the dropdown menu on it and I had the option of unarchiving it. So the system does think it was in my archive, but for some reason it wasn’t showing. Maybe it has something to do with being part of a course, and therefore search filters on the first page don’t recognise it?

I still can’t access my profile page ( FireFox 15.0).

Try to log on - 500 server error
Click “Learn”- 500 server error
Try to change language from drop down menu - 500 server error
Click on a lesson title in the library - 500 server error
Click on a previously imported lesson - 500 server error
Type in import lesson box and click to save and open - 500 server error

This happens on my computer with Vista and FF as well as on a totally different computer at a different location running Windows XP and Chrome.

Wednesday night things worked. Thursday night they didn’t.

What works: flashcards from vocabulary page, audio from library page, forum - obviously, profile…

Speed of running through the lesson while adjusting levels of LingQs is noticeably slower than yesterday. There is a 3 second delay after selecting a new number before you can do anything.

Still can’t delete imported lessons.