Update of Stats from iLingq


I’ve noted that there seem to be a lot of times that I listen to something on my iphone through the app, and then when I open the lesson on my computer, there is no update of the “times listened”. Then it makes me wonder how much of what I’m listening to on the app is going into my stats. Could someone let me know how this is supposed to work so I can figure out if there is a problem with the way I’m using the app?


@CTaylor - It should update the Times Listened number each time you reach the end of the lesson audio file. I checked this and it looks to be working properly. If you still notice this happening please let us know which lesson is causing issues.

Well, I can start to look into this more deeply Alex, but it seems to be a widespread issue. For starters, last night I listened to the following on my iphone through the app: Login - LingQ

But the counter at the bottom says “0” times for the amount that I’ve listened to it. Obviously that’s wrong.

I bet I can find lots of examples of this, because when I’ve actually had the presence of mine to check, I notice that at times there is no movement on my computer as to the number of times I listened to something through the app.

Here is another example, I’ve listened to this song on my Ipad or Iphone like 5-10 times over the past week or so. But it only says here I’ve listened once. Login - LingQ

if you want more examples, I think there are lots I can find if you want. Just let me know.

Also note that I open and close the app frequently on my iphone, on and off line, because I noticed I need to do this in order to make the app work. Otherwise I often get a “log in” menu that doesn’t let me “log in” off line, as I mentioned in a previous message that you responded to. The point is that I think I’m doing everything I can to “open” the app fresh and connect it online to the network.

I’m listening to my iphone through the LingQ app like 2-4 hours plus a day these days, but I don’t really see that reflected in my stats.

I listened to a lesson this morning, and looked closely. After I finished listening to the entire lesson, I closed the lesson. The app doesn’t show that I listened to the lesson at all. I close the app and reopen it on line. As I look through my lessons, I see that basically I’ve been logging many hours of listening on my iPhone and the app hasn’t been capturing it.

@CTaylor - I’m not sure what is happening here. I spent some time today looking into this and even used the same lessons as you are using but the counter seems to be updating properly both in the app and on the site. Perhaps you should try deleting then reinstalling the app to see if that helps resolve any issues that may have come up during the installation or that may still exist from previous versions.