Update -- New way to view Related Phrases, Link to lessons from Playlist

We pushed an update today which included the following improvements along with a few bugfixes:

  • Related Phrases can now be seen by clicking on a word a second time whenever you see the grey background behind adjoining text. In the past, you had to hover and click on the expanded grey area to see the related phrases in the blue panel. You can still do this but now we have also added the ability to click on the selected word a second time in order to view the related phrases just as you can on the mobile IOS app.
  • We have added link to open your lessons from the Playlist. Previously, you could not open a lesson from the playlist but only from My Lessons. Now you can do so directly by clicking on the link icon that is displayed for each lesson.

Thanks a lot, I might be the first responder.

The link in the notification pointing here points to the ES interface and so reset my ui language preference to spanish. The link currently is Update -- New Way To View Related Phrases, Link To Lesson... . Had to logout and in again to reset it to english.

Sorry about that! I have changed it to the English link for now. We will look into how we can avoid interface language switching like this. Thanks for letting us know!

No problem. Just noticed that the x days ago is showing gibberish. Here’s a screenshot: Dropbox - File Deleted - Simplify your life

Thanks, yeah, I saw that too. We will get it fixed!

thanks for everything

Related phrase thing is good, but one thing I don’t like is that if there are multiple possible phrases for the word, clicking the word again will not toggle back to treating just the original word. If there is only one phrase for the word, clicking the word again does toggle back. Took me awhile to figure out what the rule was…

I should add part of the trouble is that I don’t have a perfect instinct for when the blue word I want to click has actually already been selected. So if I go ahead and click the word anyway I can be trapped in the phrase selector until I click somewhere else.

Yes, I see there are some issues there. We will try to get it working the way you describe.

Thanks a lot

@miznia This should be fixed now.

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Looks good!