Update July 2, 2013

We pushed a number of minor updates today mostly to do with the Exchange page which are listed here:

  • You can now subscribe to receive notifications of Exchange Requests made in specific languages. You can find these settings on the Settings page in the Email Settings.
  • Removed the requirement that all parts of a request must be completed before sending back.
  • Writing correction on the Exchange: numbers now indicate when there is a note. Corrections with no notes only show the green shading.
  • Mistake notes for writing correction on the exchange now viewable on mobile devices by tapping
  • Individual mistake notes are now imported when importing a writing correction from the exchange
  • Friends privacy setting removed from wall posts. Posts must either be Public or Private now. It was too confusing as to whether Friends meant those that you follow or who follow you. We felt this status was not necessary
  • The language filter is now automatically set to your current study language so that it is more obvious how to find relevant requests, lessons and conversations. It can be changed of course but is no longer remembered.
  • The Exchange page now only displays Conversations, Lessons and Requests. All other types of posts are now only visible on the profile.
  • When clicking through to the post page by clicking on the request title, all comments are shown instead of the multi-stage opening of comments like on the main Exchange page.
  • Open Requests has been added to the subnav for Exchange so you can quickly see what requests are open for your current language.
  • Added the ability to delete requests from the My Requests page. Any requests deleted on the Exchange page or on My Requests are deleted in both places and points are refunded.
  • The language filter on the Exchange page now shows translation requests from and to the selected language.
  • Added a +rose button for all exchange posts
  • Preserve paragraph formatting when importing completed exchange requests.
  • Exchange requests open properly from the My Requests page and can be edited even after being returned to submitter.
  • A Task has been added called Review Vocabulary. This opens flashcards for your most recent LingQs of the Day.

A lot of improvements I was hoping for! Thanks a lot! Now, I just hope more people will make Exchange requests. Since this page was launched, I haven’t seen one request in Italian… :frowning:

I don’t know if it’s a bug, but when I choose to view Exchange requests, I should be showed requests in the languages I tutor (or in all languages), not in my study language.
While it may be useful (but I’m not sure if it’s useful to me) to have the study language set by default on the Exchange page (my main study language is Polish, which results in an empty page most of the time), it is not useful on the Open requests tab. I hope this can be changed.

Good work, lots of new improvements!

Thank you. That’s amazing!

Slight bug that I’m assuming started after the update - the drop-down language, ‘learn’, ‘exchange’, and ‘tasks’ menus on the profile page aren’t working. I can click on the button but I can’t bring down the menu. They seem to work everywhere else for me.

Thanks! Glad you guys like it.

@mikebond - That is not a bug is not something we are going to fix. If you would like to be notified about exchange requests in specific languages you will need to change your email settings on the settings page. Otherwise you will have to manually change the filter to find open requests in specific languages.

@cgreen - I think if you control refresh that issue should go away.

@mark - It worked. Thanks.