Update for Welsh

Hey guys! Seems like Welsh - Open Forum - LingQ Language Forums is not getting updates anymore - could you give an ETA for Welsh please? We are waiting for suuuuch a long time and already in summer we were told “soon it will be there”. Please please pleeeeease! :slight_smile:


How can you possibly ask for an ETA for Welsh when LingQ simply doesn’t know?

Virtually all content on LingQ is created by users. Users that dedicate their own precious time to creating content for LingQ (for which they may earn points which can be converted into money - though the earnings are low and the payment system complicated.)

As LingQ does not pay professional translators and audio creators, the content received - particularly audio content - is often not up to standard and needs to be recorded again.

Pretty please is endearing at least it’s a nice way to ask :slight_smile:

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I’ll check with my colleague Sahra where do we stand on this and get back to you.


Supiii thanks so much zoran! :slight_smile: Fingers crooooossed :heart:


Hi nihlie, good news is that we have the mini stories but we should work on the audio files to get them ready for launch. So realistically it can not be expected very soon. we would also need a grammar guide in order to add a new language. will you be able to help with that? you can send an email to me at sahra @ lingq . com to discuss how we can prepare Welsh.



Hi Sahra!
Thank you for coming back to me so quickly! :slight_smile:
Great news with the mini stories, a pity though that the audio and grammer guide are required too. I was hoping to get the language unlocked so I wouldn’t need to “spam” my word translations from self-made lessons like from lingo newydd into Esperanto. :frowning:
Using another language also means changing the dictionary version for each word. :frowning:

May I ask, have you tried to get in touch with the Welsh government? Maybe they would allow you to use their grammer guide? They really seem keen to encourage Welsh learners!

If only recordings are missing (maybe the grammar guide is not a must??) I’d be happy to give financial support to maybe find a Welsh tutor to record them for us or something similar. Not sure how this usually works - I am not a Welsh speaker so I shouldn’t record anything myself! :smiley:


Any update on the possibility of Welsh please?

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Hi, Unfortunately Welsh is not among the languages that we can add any time soon.

Hi Sahra

I work as a Welsh Tutor for Adults and would be happy to help out with getting Cymraeg onto LingQ.



Thanks for this Dai! Welsh seems to be taking forever to get on LingQ!
Diolch yn fawr!!!


@DaiTwp , are you able to help with this?

We have 60 texts and audio files for Welsh Mini Stories, but the audio needs someone to go through them and improve them (there is some background noise, some audio popping, etc).

We also need some work done in adjusting the formatting of the Mini Story texts to fit our standard.

Additionally, we need some news feeds (rss feeds), online dictionaries, and a Grammar Guide for Welsh.

If anyone knows anyone able to help with these requirements, please send me an email at north@lingq.com