Update for LingQ for iOS - Version 4.1

The iOS app was updated today to version 4.1. The major update was to the main Lessons or Home page. It now has a similar tabbed interface to the web app. There are slight differences, including the ability to fully customize the tabs that show. In the Tab Settings you can decide how many and which tabs to show along with specifying the order in which the tabs appear. On your iPhone you will be able to swipe horizontally to see as many tabs as you like.

We think this is quite a bit clearer than the previous view for this page which had the big yellow switch for toggling between sections on the Home page. As always, let us know what you think.

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I noticed you changed the playback speed settings to only x1 or less. I am currently finishing a course called Slow Chinese and have been using x1.5 or sometimes even x2. In some other cases the ability to speed up has been useful as well, as a sort of training for the brain and then coming back to x1 feeling like that’s actually a slowed down version. Any chance of getting it back?

Another thing I noticed last week or so (while still using the beta app but today noticed the same thing for the regular 4.1 update), after finishing a lesson or just lingqing inside, the course count of blue words doesn’t refresh, maybe once per day or two days. before, that happened a few seconds after going back to the course overview, with the other courses refreshing their blue words count accordingly too.
Or similarly, even when I finish a lesson, it still shows me there are some blue words inside, then when I open it again and close it, it goes back to zero. But now in another case it reappears again, showing me 17 blue words are inside.

I didn’t know we touched the speed settings in this version. That does seem strange now. We will revert it. We will also look into the blue words issue. There are inconsistencies there related to cached data. We are trying to make things work more quickly but need to work out some bugs obviously. Thanks for pointing those issues out!

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I love the new feature. A lot more user-friendly


You fixed the only thing that annoyed me in the reader, and I haven’t even seen anyone report it! (The note about phrases now appearing on the above line in stead of blocking the text you’re reading)
This lingq app is really getting better and better

There appear to be bugs now, though.
When I open the app, it stays somehow open another point in time in another lesson (a few pages back from where i am) then it stays there for a while, and the app minimizes sometimes when i touch the screen. Upon reopening, i suddenly have two or three pages worth of text on top of each other, the screen still freezing… It takes a few attempts to get it to work normally

Thomas, I haven’t seen anything like that in the app before. Could you send us an email from within the app so we can take a look at your logs, etc.? Home Screen → Left Menu → Settings → Email Support. If you could, include your device/os version in the email as well.

You might try deleting and reinstalling the app as well.

Sent… I’ll try reinstalling if i get around to it!

@thomas_dc - Yes, that is fixed. By the way, if you do tap again to see the Related Phrases and LingQ one of them, it stops appearing entirely I believe.

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Glad to see LingQ always getting better (based on the response so far).

Question: I have a Gen1 iPad, which I only used for LingQ. I could only updated the OS so much and then use an older LingQ app. It used to crash a lot and now doesn’t load at all. I am about to buy a iPad 2 (used because i only use it for LingQ). Does anyone know if this new app will make my future iPad useless soon?

@LILLingquist LingQ 4.0 requires iOS 9 or higher. It looks like the iPad 2 supports that.

At the moment we only have about 10% of our users on iOS 9. We have no immediate plans to discontinue support for it. However, at some point it does become too difficult to support all old devices and software versions.

By the way, I have an iPad 3 and the overall experience with iOS 9 is very slow. LingQ runs “ok” which is about the most I can say of any other app I’ve tried on that device since upgrading the OS.

I am having a little annoyance using the iPad app. Whenever I switch to my external dictionary app and come back to lingq to write a definition, click on the already existing definition and want to start writing (the keyboard pops up), after 2 seconds the keyboard suddenly collapses. It’s like that whether I am trying to write something or just wait the two seconds. When I am writing it’s actually quite annoying because then I suddenly click on some other word since the keyboard just disappears in an instant.

Also, the notifications are not working for me, i can see the number of new notifications but after clicking on it, I just see old notifications from some time ago.

Yes, I have seen that on the iPad app as well. I will report it. I also see the issue with the Notifications. Thanks for letting us know. We will get those issues fixed.

@Branicek I’ve been trying to duplicate this issue but so far I can’t. A few questions:

  1. Does this happen if you just edit a hint, or only when you switch out to your external dictionary?
  2. Does #1 happen every time, or frequently?
  3. Are you in landscape or portrait mode?
  4. Are you using a 3rd party keyboard?

Reinstalling doesn’t help. I can’t use lingq, because I’m stuck in a cycle of minimizations