Up and downgrade

I want to upgrade my account to Plus for some month and then I will get back to Basic. Will I have problem with the amount of Lingqs I have created? Or does it only affect my Lingqs when I downgrade to Free? Will I have to wait until next month to get the 3000 point or do I get them immediately. I am asking that because I want to sign for a lesson an need to get more points.
Thank you

I will let Mark answer on how quickly you get the points. However, once you are a paying member you have same unrestricted ability to create new LingQs and add them to your database. There is no difference in this regard between Basic, Plus or Premium.

Your LingQs should only be affected when you downgrade to Free.
Getting the 3000 points. It depends when you are normally charged. E.g. if you are charged on May 20 normally (for basic) you will get the 3000 points then, your status changes immediately though. This is how I remember reading it somewhere.

Hi Sirob11, as Steve says, as a paying member you are unrestricted as far as LingQs go. Regarding your points for Plus membership, you will only get these on your next billing date when you will be charged for Plus.

Mark, is there a promotion Code for 500 points available?

There is an upgrade code which is shown on the account page. You can enter this on the upgrade confirmation page. The upgrade code can only be used once, though.