Unusable Lingq: cannot remain at selected page

I am unable to use Lingq on Google Chrome (PC) as of now: whenever I enter a chapter of a certain e-book, it skips right to a specific page near the end of the chapter (which is not the last page I had read), if I select any other page it bounces back to that one
What can be done in this case?

Edit: It seems to work fine on both Android and Microsoft Edge, so it’s only in Google Chrome that I get this problem. Did anybody else find the same problem?

It has happened to me sometimes, on pc, chrome as well. It’s like the systrm “fixates” itself on a word and does not let see other pages, besides the one that contains that word.
Since I do most of my reading on android, I haven’t seen it as much, but I noticed it too and was pretty annoying.

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Thanks for reporting. We will look into the issue.