Unsynchronized Lessons

I have found many lessons with unsynchronized audios and highlights.

It bothers me a lot.

So, if you found some unsynchronized lesson, post it here to Lingq fixes it.

I’ll start.

1: Login - LingQ

William and Kate are engaged!: Login - LingQ

I understand your frustration since audio time stamping only became available in the past year or two. Older lessons such as the one about William and Kate’s engagement only have TTS. It’s not an easy fix to go back and automatically put in time stamps in every lesson from what I understand.

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Thanks, we will hopefully with time have all these issue sorted out, but as someone commented already, some old lessons needs to be edited and timestamps adjusted. It takes time to check and cover all available lessons.

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Thanks Zoran.

I find that the majority of lessons that interest me have text and audio that are badly out of synch. It’s far too tedious to manually repair this and the automatic time stamp feature is not very good. My initial enthusiasm for Lingq has deteriorated to the point that I feel like giving up.

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It is something that many students suffer from and I’m afraid that there is not enough support to have to update all of them. Most of us just had to endure.


Eddie the Eagle: Login - LingQ

I get my car repaired: Login - LingQ

The Loch Ness Monster: Login - LingQ

The Worst Poet. It is a mess: Login - LingQ

I could do with a haircut: Login - LingQ

Listen to English is really bad. All lessons must be fixed. Login - LingQ

I am a beginner: 2 well developped contens do not synchronized. It is a pity

Learning materials in Norwegian: Anmelden - LingQ

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I wonder at times if I should bother sharing lessons if I didn’t put in audio time-stamps.

For example I recently posted a course called Heeya Korean, Podcast for Intermediate (Heeya, the content creator gave LingQ permission to use abbreviated versions).

I spent a couple of hours audio time-stamping some of the earliest episodes. But most of the episodes do not have synchronized audio. And I doubt I’ll work on time-stamping any time soon since I have other projects right now that are more important to me.

Since I do value audio time stamps I hesitated for a month or two about putting up lessons without audio synchronization.

But it’s better to have the content without audio synchronization rather than to not have the lessons at all, yes?

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Also, these abbreviated podcasts are open to user editing of time-stamps in case anyone wishes to work on listening comprehension while editing time-stamps themselves.

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Share lessons anyways. No worries. Once you get to an intermediate to advanced level, you don’t need timestamps anymore because Sentence Mode is no longer very useful. I even have content where the transcript and the audio don’t line up great. No problem. It’s still good content. If people complain, ignore them. They are complaining about the company, not you. The people complaining don’t understand the details of the software and that most lessons are shared by volunteers. They think it’s a bug with the software and they are being helpful. If you look at your lesson ‘in use’ statistics, you’ll see there are more people using your lessons than those complaining.


I really like audio time stamps myself, even as an intermediate. Listening comprehension is huge challenge for Korean even at an intermediate level.

Japanese is more difficult to read, Korean is far more difficult to understand when listening.

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Maybe it’s different for Japanese or Korean, I don’t know. In Italian, at my level, I do not find Sentence Mode useful because for the content I consume I understand most sentences. I don’t use timestamps so I don’t mind sharing content without timestamps. I wouldn’t refuse to share content, because it doesn’t have perfect timestamps. There are many people who could still benefit from the content.


With your richer experience: probably you are right. But for a beginner, who likes to improve pronounciation, it can be irritating and time wasting. WB