Unsure of this meaning

Hello everyone again. I cam across this in one of my texts and was only half sure how to translate it.
“me la han reclamado varias veces”

I think this means something like “They have reclaimed it various times” but I don’t understand what the “me” has to do with it. does it mean like “they have reclaimed it to me various times”? I’m just not sure why the “me” is there. I know you’re supposed to write in Spanish on these forums but I’d rather get an answer in english to ensure I understand it 100%

In my experience reclamar rarely has the meaning reclaim. I’d say it can mean “demand”, “call for”, “protest”, or “claim”. So I’d say it means, “They/you have demanded/claimed/protested it of/to me several times.” More context would make it clearer.

Here are more examples of its use when it’s a little easier to get the meaning:

Las protestas han reclamado una página de Facebook para Linklift, así que ahora puedes encontrarnos en Facebook.

María Clara Martínez informó en la W Radio que el ganador del premio de 74 mil millones de pesos tiene un año para reclamarlo.

No han reclamado los 14 cuerpos de víctimas de masacre en San Luis Potosí

ah I see, so in this case the “me” means “to me”? You’re right though it didn’t make perfect sense for it to mean that. but the suggested lingqs aren’t always the bets option to go for.

Si, efectivamente “reclamar” es sinónimo de “protestar” es “ask in a bad way” (perdón por mi inglés)
se “pide” algo de buenas maneras pero si se “reclama” algo no es muy amistoso.

Saludos Viviana desde Uruguay