Unsubscribe too difficult to locate

I won’t be re-subscribing on account of how difficult it was to figure out how to cancel re-occurring subscriptions to my account. This is ridiculous and irritating. The terminology (Downgrade account, then you have to click an option that says “Delete data”) is unclear at best.
Let me know when you have a way to pay for a single month at a time. I feel I must express my extreme displeasure at this process.


I checked your account and I can confirm you cancelled subscription successfully. Sorry if downgrade flow was difficult to follow, that’s on our improvements list and we’ll make it easier to handle in the near future.

I am trying to downgrade. My yearly subscription will be charged on Feb 2 or 3 and I don’t want to pay premium anymore

@ihearthebrew You did downgraded successfully and your account will drop to FREE in two days.