Unpredictability and expediency

“Trump is a nightmare negotiating partner,” writes USA Today commentary editor Jill Lawrence, who wrote a book called “The Art of the Political Deal.” “The only constants with Trump are unpredictability and expediency. These are not, suffice it to say, the traditional cornerstones of getting to yes in politics.”

The Daily 202: Eight ways Trump got rolled in his first budget negotiation http://wapo.st/2pOHS1E?tid=ss_tw

The word “expediency” is interesting. It means “the quality of being convenient and practical despite possibly being improper or immoral”.

A very interesting article. I did not realize how poor of a job Trump did in the budget negotiations.

But a good day for women and the environment:

  1. Trump fought to cut the Environmental Protection Agency by a third. The final deal trims its budget by just 1 percent, with no staff cuts. As part of a compromise, the EPA gets $80 million less than last year, but the budget is $8 billion.

  2. He didn’t defund Planned Parenthood. Despite the best efforts of social conservatives, the group will continue to receive funding at current levels. (Washington Post)

In the agreement, Trump’s proclivity towards expediency cost him and his poorly provisioned deplorable army a secure footing from which to move forward.

On Sunday, the president acknowledged he has a lot to learn. “I think the rules in Congress and, in particular the rules in the Senate, are unbelievably archaic and slow moving and, in many cases, unfair,” Trump said on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” “In many cases, you’re forced to make deals that are not the deal you’d make. You’d make a much different kind of a deal. You’re forced into situations that you hate to be forced into.” (Washington Post)