Some of the words that I have lingqed or marked known have become unlingqed.

You might need to provide a little more information about what is going on.

Please provide some examples so that we can investigate the issue. Thanks!

I believe I have experienced it as well, a couple of times while reading through the Japanese course “Greetings and Goodbyes”.

On one lesson I could not lingq all blue words, the next day however I could. Yesterday, I had a total of 4 completed lessons, meaning all words where lingqed. Today, I noticed that for 2 lessons 3 or 4 words were set as blue (unlingqed) again.
The strange thing is that those words are still in the vocabulary list so it looks like that the system/reader is not matching the vocab words with the words in the lessons correctly.

Frankly, there seems to be quite some issues with the Japanese lessons the last couple of days. I also experienced the exact same issues as described in these 2 posts:

The topic starter hasn’t mentioned the language so the unlingqing problem might be a more general issue.

That is the problem I am having and using Lingq on mobile is not easy to up load examples we really need way to access the community via the app,

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words becoming un-lingqed

More examples of lingqs turning blue.

Thanks, we will investigate the issue.

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