Unlimited spanish podcasts

does any one have experience with these podcasts i see they are on linqg and they also have a website as well i’m trying to get back into spanish and i’m trying to find good interesting podcasts not super slowed down carefully enuncuated ones

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Listen to “La vida Moderna” it’s hilarious. Trust me, I’m spanish.

Unlimited spanish is great. His podcasts are very entertaining. However they aren’t for beginners but it looks like you have experience in Spanish. I say go for it. i think there’s almost 200 of them. I’ve read and listen to about 80 of them. When I get back into Spanish that’s where I’ll go.

I also had a question about unlimited Spanish do you just listen and read on site are you using through lingq somehow because the quality of those podcasts are amazing and I definitely need to get them so how lo. Thank you

on the website you can also download the audio and pdf generally i also print out the pdf and download the audio to a listening device and use them when i’m not able to be on the computer