Unkown words I don't want to learn

Is there any was to sort my vocab list into words that I want to learn and those that I don’t. For example, I am learning latin american spanish and often use a lot of spanish content with words I don’t want to learn. Similarly, sometimes I add a lingq for a really obscure word that even my Spanish speaking friends don’t know. Therefore, I’d prefer to not waste my time with these words. I know I can add my own tags, but I’d have to tag words as ‘want to learn’ which is most of them so would take a lot of time. Any advice?

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Set the word to ignore.

I was just going to ask it myself, when I saw your post.
I’d also want a system, where we could go through the lesson vocabulary (created Lingqs) and additionally mark words “for SRS review”. It’s not such a problem if you read texts of your level (most words will be “useful”). But if you try to “push your limits” sometimes, it could be annoying.
I guess you can always ignore a word as the other post recommends. But it feels like “cheating” the system. If I see an unmarked word, I expect that I already know it.
From the other point, maybe it makes sense from the practical point of view. When I open a text to reread it, it’s more useful to see marked just the words I’m currently interested in.
I’m just not sure if it was meant to be used this way.