Unknown words

It’s not soo much a problem but more of a habbit from using Lingq. I dont know if others do this aswell but I find myself repeating this alot.
Heres what happens.

So theres a blue word I dont know, I hover over it to see what other people are writing as hints. Most of the time I click new hint because i want to find out the meaning for myself to double check. Sometimes i cant find the meaning and want to close the new hint i was about to create and select something someone else did or after looking at the dictionary some of the hints were pretty good soo instead of typing i want to click what someone else lingqd. SO I find myself having to click delete, reselecting the word and selecting one of the hints. Which after a while because of the way I personally use lingq it gets a bit annoying =p.

I like lingq the way it is. Simple and not alot of buttons/options when studying. I wouldnt want to add extra buttons or anything… BUt i’m just wondering if there would be a way to view the blue lingq in the online dictionary without having to click new hint? OR once you click new hint would it be possible to see the lingq hints others created next to the dictionary tab or somewhere int he newhint tab so that you can click and add it after looking at the dictionary?

Anywyas It might just be the way I use Lingq… Maybe others find themselves doing the same thing?

I always take the user hint in order to get a yellow LingQ as soon as possible. I can always change the dictionary definition later, as well as change the example, ask the tutor or tag, all later.

Hmm Interesting… Personally I dont trust most hints at least not in korean so I always like to double check in the dictionary first. 98% of the time I end up creating my own hint IN anycase maybe this is a habbit i need to correct if no one else has this problem however I think it would still be nice to be able to see other peoples hints in the New hint window to compare when you create you own hint or when you decide to edit it at a later date…

Not a bad suggestion keroro. I have had that happen to me as well. Mostly I take the blue hints but sometimes I’m not sure. To have the option of seeing the User Hints from the LingQ widget is a good idea. We could also show more than the top 3. We’ll think about this.

I’ve been bothered also by the problem Keroro and Mark are describing. I don’t think that I obsess about getting the “right” definition, but that’s part of the fun of Lingq - to be able to easily explore different meanings of the word. Then when I decide to go with one of the user hints instead of a new dictionary definition, it is rather clunky to “back out” of the dictionary. (Just commenting, not complaining!)

We call these meanings “hints” for a reason. It is just the first step towards understanding and acquiring the word.

I guess I’m not the only one… Looking forward to see if this goes any further in any futur lingq updates. Thanks for considering this…