Unknown words statistics

Its very useful to see owns blue words (unknown words) statistic - I see procent amount of new blue words in the text.
But lets go deeper: whats about showing total amount of blue + yellow words? Yellow words also must be counted if I want to understand total amount of unknown words in the text.

What are you thinking about that?

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Thanks for the suggestion on this! We used to show this a long time ago, but switched over to showing the number of blue words instead, as we found this was a better indicator of whether a lesson was complete or not. That being said, while we don’t have any immediate plans to display the number of LingQs outside of the lesson itself, it is something we can certainly keep in mind :slight_smile:

Thank you, Alex.

I think I remember this and liked it. It is a helpful guide as to how easy the lesson will be.

I liked this a lot too and it was my main criteria at the beginner 2/intermediate 1 level.