University Italian Course + Resetting Language Progress(?)


Some of you may remember that I’m the guy who was talking about being torn apart between Spanish and Italian. I took a break from Italian to go for some Spanish but now a new opportunity presents itself.
I have to enroll for a language course at the university and there was a choice between Italian and German so obviously I chose Italian :slight_smile:
It’s going to be an A1 course and from what I can tell it’s going to be different than a usual school course we all have had experience with. The teacher seems rather cool and says she’s not going to force any grammar or rules, she’s going to focus on making us speak Italian without worrying about making mistakes.
So I think I’m gonna take a break from Spanish now and go for Italian so I can get some kind of a synergy (weekly classes + regular homework + lingq). Plus, I’m afraid it wouldn’t be a good situation to study Spanish and Italian at the same time.

And about resetting progress in a language, do you use it when you get back to the language after a while? I have only like 250 know words but most of them I have already forgotten and feel like it would be OK to just reset my progress so far and go over some basics to refresh my memory. Any thoughts here?


If you think you’ve forgotten them, I think resetting’s the best way to go.

From a purely practical view: if you reset (delete to reset) a language, you will lose all the lessons you may have imported. Just be aware of it so that you can save them somewhere else until you are ready to re-import them. If you have shared any lessons their ownership will change. You will no longer be shown, it’ll be LingQ.

I recently reset all of my statistics, ie I started afresh because I thought the statistics didn’t truly reflect my knowledge - and by that I mean ‘in no way reflected my true knowledge’. I am enjoying relearning - it’s great, it’s fast.

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P.S. What do you mean “obviously chose Italian”? What’s wrong with German, I’d like to know.:slight_smile:

Haha it’s not so much as wrong with German but rather that I like Italian very much so it was a no-brainer :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t bother to reset it. Just manually change words you don’t know back to a Lingq.

You probably remember more than you think.

Plus, all that progress wasn’t for nothing even if you don’t remember a lot, because bits and pieces will still be in your memory. It’ll be quicker to pick up those words and phrases the second time around.

I didn’t study Chinese, a very difficult language to remember, for about 2 years, yet I still remembered at least 40% of what I learned. And I don’t have a great memory.

Edit: Feel free to go back to the basics though. The podcast I mainly study, Chinesepod, has like 6 levels. I regularly flit between beginner and advanced lessons just based on what I feel like doing.


I agree with this. I had the same situation with Dutch. I started it one or two years ago. Then I left it because I was focussing more on English and French. Now I started again with Dutch and it was no problem at all. I simply listened again and read again some of the lessons I had studied again. I changed the status of some LingQs back from 4 to 1 or 2 when I come accross them and couldn’t remember them. After one week I was looking for new lessons :slight_smile: