Universal translator ( news)

Watch the video starting 12 minutes. Its interesting! =)


Definitely interesting. I’m curious to see what will be made possible with this technology in the next few years!

I certainly don’t look forward to this sort of thing. It would largely deprive me of all the joy in my life.

Until the battery runs out. Or it could be like pre-TNG Star Trek where it still takes a linguist to configure it properly for use every time a new alien species is encountered.

This thing may be able to mimic your voice well, but all the current problems with machine translators are still present. And of course its only really useful one way unless you want to spend an hour with each person you meet getting them to train your device to their voice…

Of course, Odiernod. There’s also the fact that smaller languages would be largely ignored and if not, yield terrible results.

Probably not going change much, although it may be a good learning tool, just as Google translate is now.