Unintuitive, slow, not working

I want to keep using lingq since I find it’s system very helpful and interesting.
But I stumpled upon various problems using it, that make me think about quitting it:

  1. playlists (for me) don’t work. They won’t download on my samsung s10 lite android phone and I can’t delete any lessons from them (neither on my phone nor in the web version).
  2. the playback for some lessons never starts, no matter wether on web/android.
  3. the use feels very unintuitive and cluttered. I have to click way to many times to get to where I want to go.
  4. I can NEVER mark the last line of a text (that is the last line of the “page” I simply can not select hence no lingq’s there)

I also use the app L360 from “News in Slow French” (no vocabs there). Everything there works way better, the interface is very clean, the lessons download and the playlists can easily be edited.

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I’ve also had the issue with #4. I didn’t start getting it until around when android 10 was released, I believe, so I think in some way it may be related to that, but don’t know why.

Now, I only get this if I’m trying to highlight something from previous lines…i.e. highlight a phrase from 2nd to last line into the last line. I can highlight from the last line upwards, or highlight something solely in the last line.

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@doppelplusgut Thanks for reporting the issue. Our testers our now checking the Playlist problems you mentioned and it will be reported to our team. We will get it fixed.
That’s regarding 1).
However, I can’t reproduce the 2). Tracks on the playlist plays just fine on my end. Are you still unable to play anything?
3) We will do our best to improve the functionality and make the site easier to use in the upcoming update we are working on.
4) This problem exist on some devices and we had problem figuring it out and fixing it for good. However, our new reader should deal with this problem for good.


I sometimes have issues with the playback in the Android app., too It stops in the middle of the recording even if the time keeps on running. I can usually recover the audio by opening and closing the lesson and then going back to the playlist.

Then sometimes a recording doesn’t start at all when I’m playing through the playlist. Either another recording starts instead or the playback stops. I think it usually happens with lessons that I haven’t yet listened to. I have to click on them to get them started. This was somewhat annoying when I was studying the mini stories.

There also seems to be a bug on the ‘repeat’ button. I switch it on, the current lesson ands and… it goes on to the next lesson rather than repeat the same lesson!
Also, when a new lesson starts, the playlist jumps back to the top of the list.

Same here. I keep clicking on the play button but it just doesnt start. Ive been trying to listen to the lingq frenchFrench podcast but none of them work at all. Even if they start, the recording doesn’t play.
It’s quite frustrating.

@oakie888 Thanks, we’ll check that.

@Jalil101 I replied on your email and asked for more details there. Thanks.