Unhandled Exeption

Since the system update of LingQ I have no access any more to new lessons or other features than flashcard training. For example when I want to add a new Spanish lesson I get a white page with the words “Unhandled Exception”. What does that mean and why is my further usage of LingQ blocked? Could it be a bug?


Hi Fasulye,

There is a problem with the Spanish Library. We are working to fix it soon.

Hi Mark,

Thanks for informing me quickly. I will have patience and wait until the problem is fixed.


Now I have access to the Spanish library again!

Well, I found a way to reproduce this ‘Unhandled Exception’.
Whenever I try to put a link in a comment, a SPACE character is inserted somewhere.
EG: Login - LingQ

I’ve just past the link, but probably a SPACE is going to be inserted after the ‘2’.
So, when you click on the link, it’ll produce this error (some part of the link is missing because of this annoying SPACE).

Hi mopoulpo,

We restrict the length of a text string and force a space otherwise, really long strings of text break the page layout. If you want to add url’s please use a url shortener like tinyurl.

Mark, Can I control with tinyurl to which site I go? If not it could causes security problems. I prefer to see the destination of a Link.

Vera, all tinyurl does is condense your link into a shorter link. No, you can’t see which site it leads to. You will have to trust the poster.

VeraI : in fact, you can by going there: TrueURL

Thank you mopoulpo. This seems to be what I’m looking for but I tried out a Link from Steve and it doesn’t work. For example Sources of content for LingQ members. - Google Sheets

OK, I found a solution : you enable preview by going there: TinyURL.com - shorten that long URL into a tiny URL
This link disable preview, so you’ll be able to see how to activate/desactivate it.

“The preview feature requires cookies to be enabled in your web browser.”