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Hello there. I do not know if this is a know issue, but it seems that it is impossible to unfollow a thread connected to an open request. I have clicked on the button that reads “unfollow”, but I still keep receiving emails and notifications that new messages have been posted.

Is this a malfunction?

If I understand you correctly, you can “unfollow” a thread by going to the beginning of the thread in the forum and untick the box in the upper left-hand corner that says “Watch Thread.” But maybe you’re talking about a different issue?

Maybe you’re talking about a “thread” on the Exchange page, not in the Forum. I don’t think there’s a similar tick box in the comments section of a request (if that’s what you’re getting at).

@CrisSantos - Thanks for letting us know. We are looking into this issue.

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@CrisSantos - Actually, if you are clicking the Follow or Unfollow options for Exchange or wall posts, these actually follow or unfollow users and not that thread. There is no option for unfollowing threads on the Exchange. We are looking at what can be done here.

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Hello again. I’d like to ask how is it going with this project? Will it be possible to unfollow messages posted on open requests? I have been experiencing that some people, instead of simply posting a correction of the text, they engage in a long conversation usually criticising other people’s corrections. It would therefore be great if one could be given a chance to unfollow such unpleasant communication.

Thanks, this is on our list but we’ve been tied up with other projects in the meantime. We’ll be looking at revamping the Settings section of the site hopefully soon, and will be sure to include a fix for this when we make our way to that project!