Undo/Reset Lesson

I imported an episode of a show I’m watching in Japanese to LingQ and was flipping through the pages when I accidentally completed the lesson. Because I am a beginner in Japanese, there were nearly 500 words that got automatically marked as known. From what I’ve read on here (most of the posts were many years old), there is no way to undo this quickly, so I went through for about an hour or so and made LingQs out of all the words that had been marked as known. Just for future reference, is there a way to undo this without having to waste an hour and losing thousands of coins?


Common problem even for seasoned users. The complete button is placed in a dangerous spot. Thanks for pointing this out. What you did to solve the problem is the only method available. You are not losing those coins, of course, just for the time being.
I would love to see a change in where the “complete lesson” button sits or some security question to prevent accidental completion. Maybe as a quick solution this could be done by a browser script.