Undo marked known words?

I uploaded a book to Lingq today and was chopping up the Audio Book so I could upload it in sections to match the text for each part that Lingq split the book into.

I was going to the last page and Lingq was lagging so I ended up pressing the check mark by mistake.

Lingq marked hundreds or words as “Known” and I have 6,000 coins for the day.

Is there any way to undo this? I’m really in a horrible spot if there is no way to undo today’s links. I’m probably going to have to reset my whole account…

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  1. Go to vocabulary section (on the web may be easier).

  2. Filter to the specific lesson(s) (or course if you did this across the entire set of lessons) with the Filters button.

  3. Click the checkbox above all the words (to select all).

  4. Under “More actions” menu item at upper right, click Status -1. Just do it as many times to move everything back to status 1.

You might be able to do “Remove” which I suspect may make all the words blue again but am not daring enough to try.

Remember this will do it for every word in that lesson or lessons. So if you have progressed in the language prior, some of those words that you REALLY had marked known may get decreased. I don’t know of a way to filter to words that ONLY appeared in THAT lesson.

Other option:

Don’t worry about it. As you encounter the words again as you read through these lessons, or others. If you don’t really know the word, just set it back to “1”. I don’t really see why you would need to reset your whole account. Yeah, your known word total will be inflated for a bit, but language learning is a long process so this is just a little bump.

It doesn’t appear that’s going to work. It seems like Lingq doesn’t count those words as “vocab” because I didn’t actually lingq them.

Thanks for your reply. It was a good idea.

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Argh. You’re correct. I didn’t think about that.

Open the lesson you just finished. (Web version). Top right corner of the page you see an option to open a sidebar. When it opens, at the bottom of the sidebar are 3 tabs; click the one that says “all words.” There you will see a list of all the words in the lesson and their status. That will at least tell you what the hundreds of words are that were marked “known.” Copy that list (copy/paste) into a new lesson and you can page quickly through and click on unfamiliar words to adjust their status.

Although, as someone else said, it’s fine if you just leave them be. :slight_smile:


Simple, but very clever. I’m saving that tip :slight_smile:

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Thanks, WillowMeDown! That did the trick! Frustrating that I had to spend an hour undoing one button click, but at least there is a way to do it.

Thanks again!

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