Understanding the numbers and percentages

How come some complete lessons still say “2 (1%)” or “5 (12%)” etc below the lesson option, even though I’ve completed it and either “known” or LingQ’ed every word, whereas others will say 0 (0%)?

Sorry about the confusion. That problem with wrong numbers do exist in some lessons on production. It will be fixed in the upcoming update which we are going to release in a few days.

Still I see the same problem. I don’t really understand the numbers.

@Comilun Are you also seeing blue words in completed lessons?

No, this is not the case. It is only numbers that confuse me.

I have same or similar problem. Some completed lessons still claim they have new words in them.

For example Login - LingQ

  • Everything is yellow or white and I’ve gone through it and moved to next lesson.
  • Continue studying list claims there is still one new word/3%.
  • Inside lesson if I check from top it says 0 new words.
  • Lesson info page says 0 new words but 3%

Thanks, we are looking what we can do about it. We recently changed lesson titles, and the words that used to be in the title that are no longer there still show up in the word count for the lesson and make it so that users can’t achieve 0 new words remaining in them.