Understanding Free Account Limitations - Lingqs vs Known Words

I created a free account yesterday and started trying to use Lingq, but almost immediately I got an error message about upgrading to premium to continue using. I was still in my very first beginner lesson, I created 2 Lingqs and marked 18 words as known. On the vocabulary tab, it does show me as having only 2 lingqs, although on my profile it says I have 20 lingqs. It seems like the site is acting like I’ve used up my 20 free lingqs for the 2 actual lingqs, and the 18 known words.

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HI Arcilux
To create more than 20 LingQs, you must either upgrade you can also take advantage of our referral program (Login - LingQ) to earn 100 free LingQs per friend you invite (up to 20 friends). They also get 100 free LingQs when signing up through you!

A similar thing happened to me. Iirc I flipped through a lesson and boom all freebies were used up, before I even knew what I was doing. For all practical purposes, Lingq doesn’t have a trial period. 20 free lingqs is basically pointless. I suggest you just buy a month, but if you’re unsure if you’ll like it maybe use one of those credit card services that give you a temporary number. It seems to be at least somewhat common to have to post in the forum and have them manually cancel your subscription.