Unclickable words in French

I’m having a problem in French where some words have no highlighting and can’t be clicked at all. If I highlight the whole sentence the automatic translation won’t include the word. Sometimes the formatting will be buggy and the unclickable word will overlap with the word next to it.

For example: Login - LingQ

The word delui-même can’t be clicked. This occurs both on web (crome and IE) and mobile.

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It’s actually " de lui-même". There’s a mistake. You can translate de lui-même by of himself or itself. But it depends on the meaning of the sentence. I let you search for the meaning of the word in this sentence.
Good luck.

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I’m finding this problem all over the french lessons. Just a wild guess, but I think it might have something to do with the single quote, backtick or apostrophe. They look similar but they often have to be handled separately. It’s a common programming headache.

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In my experience it happens with works with a punctuation mark within or around it.

We are already familiar with that issue and hopefully we will have it fixed soon. Thanks for your patience!

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Yep, having this problem with some other languages too. Words with a hyphen - seem to be a common theme.


I am having this problem with chinese (learning from English), the system won’t recognise “厮混” and won’t let me create a LingQ

This is a pretty bad one for me right now. Any word with an apostrophe such as “lorsqu’on” becomes unclickable. In French this is a lot of words!

I fixed that lesson. If you encounter same problem in any other lesson, just click on the Edit Lesson under the menu and re-split it. That will solve the issue and make all words clickable again.


Does this work on courses, because I cannot find the Resplit option on other people’s courses even though it’s there on my own. For example, Steve’s book has a lot of unclickable words, but I cannot see any option to resplit the text.

Yes, I don’t see the ‘re-split’ option for courses either. It’s still occurs all the time for French content. Any updates on this?

I have had the same problem for weeks, and have found a jerry-rigged solution that so far has worked every time for me.
Here are the steps.

  1. Get to your “edit” screen for the faulty lesson.
  2. Choose any word in the lesson with a space ahead and behind it.
  3. Delete the word and the “space ahead and behind”.
  4. Type 9 in it’s place (anything simple) with the proper space ahead and behind.
  5. Save
  6. Return to that 9 (inserted word) and change it back to the original word.
  7. Save and Open.
    I hope this works for others, until the programmers get it fixed across the system.

can anyone chat with me please ? i won’t to improve my french

That works. At least on this lesson.


However, I have the problem in entire courses, spanning hundreds of lessons. Most of the LingQ French content has this problem and newer user created courses do not.

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Any news about this? It really is a big problem for French.

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I am having the same problems, too. For me, it is much more difficult to form LingQs in French than it was in English. The examples are often not helpful or they are incomplete, means not meaningful. To be able editing would help a lot.

You will need to re-split text in each lesson separately, I am affraid it can’t be done for the entire course at once. I’ll check and fix Steve’s book.

7 months and this still hasn’t been solved… it’s clearly a problem parsing certain punctuation. Is there no intention to ever fix this? It’s a pretty serious bug in the core functionality of the site.

that sounds like the most annoying workaround, the developers should deal with this issue as it has clearly been prevalent for at least 7 months.
They also keep messing around with the word combinations in Chinese, loads of characters that were previously connected are now singular, making me add them to known and thus making my known word count wildly inaccurate.

We are constantly working on this and fixing all lessons for which this issue is reported or in which we noticed it.
This issue doesn’t exist in newly imported lessons, so anything you import will be imported and split properly. The issue exist in some old imports only and those lessons needs to be re-split again to make all words clickable.
Unfortunately there is no an easy way to automatically re-split all old lessons without making more damage.

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