Uncheck "watch thread" box

When I post a comment on the forum, I make sure the “watch thread” box is unchecked. But after I post, it checks itself. This is very annoying. Here are some suggested fixes.

  1. Default to unchecked; make people decide if they want to follow something, rather than forcing them to follow.
  2. Put the “watch thread” box in the reply box, rather than hiding it up at the top of the thread, and make it reflect what will happen after you post so there are no surprises.
  3. Come up with a better way to track your own posts, and get rid of the “watch thread” option completely.

@Wulfgar - thanks for your suggestions! They sound good. We will keep them in mind for our future forum updates. Meantime, it works as following: if your box is already unchecked, but then you post a comment again, you are subscribed again. Just uncheck the “watch thread” box one more time, and you will never be subscribed to the thread again (until you do it manually).