Unbelievable, but true!

I have actually put a lesson into the English library. It’s Part 1 of A Most Reluctant Learner, my contribution to the Polyglot Project.

Depending on the feedback as to quality, accent and voice, there may be 4 more parts to come.

I am so chuffed that I managed to work out how to do it!

Thank you, Serge, for encouraging me… (or, if it doesn’t work out, I’ll blame you.)

I’m now going ‘ego-surfing’, ie I’m going to look it up in the English Library!

Sanne, congratulations and thank you! Later this morning I will go and have a look!

Right after I read this thread, I went to the library, but all of a sudden the site of LingQ became so slow. ( I think this is because everybody was rushing to the library to listen to your polyglot story). Now I finally could open Part 1 of A Most Reluctant Learner!

it is wonderful to be able to listen to somebody whom we haven’t met in our real life speaking. I wish I could express how I am impressed by your recording much better in English.

That’s great Susanne! Thank you for sharing.

It’s really lovely, SanneT. It’s understated and beautiful. Thank-you for sharing it.

Great Suzanne. I’m looking forward to reading the next parts :slight_smile:

I went to look for it in New Lessons and could not find it, perhaps because of the massive amounts of VOA contents in the English library. I will look again.

Thanks for all those nice words. I’ve only got two more parts to do, but my voice needs a rest now (I spent too long on the telephone).

“A Most Reluctant Learner” http://bit.ly/ajLCcD

“A Most Reluctant Learner” A Most Reluctant Learner & other stories - LingQ Language Library

Your voice is so attractive!

Sanne, fascinating. You are a writer!

Fabulous! Fantastic! We want more!

Thank you for all these nice comments. I have now finished it.

I will have to learn how to edit on Audacity instead of re-recording the text. It shouldn’t work like that, should it?

I can help you with that Sanne. I can guide you through with skype (screen sharing). I’m on Skype

Thank you, Berta. I’ll give you a shout.