Unbearable bugs

No sooner has the writing exchange been fixed - yet again!!! - but the conversation report function fails.

I would like to submit a conversation report but the system will not respond accordingly, as with the writing exchange earlier this month.

How many days will it take to fix this and what will the next bug be?

I am glad you have so many followers with so much patience, but really spending hours and hours trying to get LingQ to work as it should is not actually my cup of tea.

@2Maria - This is the first we’re hearing about this. What is happening when trying to submit the conversation report? Can you save the conversation report, or is that not working properly either?

Hi Alex,

Thanks for your rapid reply. Your surprise has helped me figure out what has happened here.

When I try to submit the conversation report, it responds, the screen flashes but the screen doesn’t change. When I save the report the system responds, and the report is saved. I guess you can see it there, you can clearly see on my profile that the conversation was requested a few hours ago.

The explanation may lie in the fact that the conversation was initially to occur two hours from now, however the requester didn’t actually want to wait that long as that would be 1 am in the morning for the student. So we had the conversation and I attempted to submit the report. I guess I can do so in two hours. Will try again tomorrow :slight_smile:

I have just realised that the system cannot cope with requests in advance of the time, which just means that a simple fix is necessary.

Would it be possible for you to add a simple error message to the effect that “this is in advance of the time and cannot be submitted yet” or some such statement in the future?

That way one won’t be confronted with a non-responsive system. It would clarify things immensely.

@2Maria - Ah, that would probably explain it.

Typically conversations happen at the scheduled time hence this being the first time we’ve heard about it. That being said, I’ll put it on our to-do list and when we get a chance we’ll see what we might be able to do to improve this.