Unarchiving lessons

I am not able to unarchive any of my archived lessons.

When I go to my archives folder, I click on unarchive, nothing happens, I click on unarchive and the second time around the lesson disappears from the list, but the problem is that it does not then appear in My lessons list, and when I go back to my archives there it is again!

What’s going on? Am I doing something wrong?

I also have a huge problem of this archiving lessons: almost a third of all my author collections go right away in the archive!..
And I don’t understand the logic of this archiving.
Yes, I have some collections that I started last year, but continue till now. It would be more logical to have the first lessons of the collection in the archive, but the new lessons that I uploaded only several days ago - why they go also in the archive?!..
But sometimes it’s even worse:
For example, I’ve startet Basic Pattern (Базовые модели) in Russian only since the 30 of May, but I can see in the list of imported lessons only first 15, and the latest 16-19 I can’t see. I suppose that they are in the archive. But why???
THe same is with some of my new lessons in German and English - I can see in my list only the first lessons and then from one sudden moment they stop to be seen in my list of imported lessons, though I continue to add them.
And like Practicallyfloored I can’t unarchive these wronly archived lessons!
It’s somethging wrong with the program of archiving!

@practicallyfloored - Try clicking it just once then refreshing the page to see if it correctly moves back to the My Lessons section.

@evgueny40 - It looks like archived lessons aren’t showing in the My Imports section. We’ll take a closer look into this.

Hi Alex, that worked for me. Thanks!