Unable to seperate LingQs


When I create a LingQ on a line in a lesson, I am unable to create another one on the same line unless the two lingQs are separated by non-highlighted words. The two LingQs just merge together.

At first it appears I have two separate LingQs and there is a space between them, but when I refresh or return to the lesson later, they have merged into one LingQ and the space between the LingQs has disappeared.

In addition, I am unable to LingQ from one line onto the next.

I’m really curious about this. I think I have experienced this, but I’m not sure.

Are you able to provide screenshot examples?

Hi there,


Here is an example above. I LingQd ‘Come è cambiata l’Italia’ but then wanted to LingQ ‘Negli anni’ as well on the same line. When I went to LingQ ‘negli anni’ it appeared with a space before it and separated from the first LingQ. However, when I refreshed the page or returned to the page, I found the whole line was LingQ’d together.

It happens quite a lot. I’m not quite sure of the reasons for when it works and when it doesn’t.

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Hi @David72,

Thanks for including that picture!

Yes, I’ve seen these before! Creating multiple LingQs on the same sentence/line is tricking in LingQ. And it’s visually hard to see through the LingQ reader.

Do they show up as separate LingQs in your vocabulary section?:

You can also find it at a variation of the following link:


Note: You might have to replace your language codes in the URL above with whatever your UI language is and your target language is (*I don’t think it automatically redirects based on user info, but it might):

  • For me it’s en for English and Ko for Korean
  • For you it might be: https://www.lingq.com/[insert your UI language here]/learn/[insert your target language here]/web/library/vocabulary/all

Also, do they show up in sentence view if you have this option checked on under your reader settings?:

I don’t do a lot of multiple-phrase Lingqing, so I can’t recall which lessons I’ve done that with.

I do notice that your image has shades of yellow, which seem to indicate that you created multiple LingQs with that one section, but I’m not 100% sure:

Thanks for reporting. I asked our team to investigate this.

Thanks both for responding. It shows up as one LingQ (rather than two separate LingQs) in both the vocabulary section and in sentence view.

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Hi again, @David72,

I wanted to ask if you have your “show vocabulary” feature ticked on as well?:

I’ve been finding this helps with multiple LingQs in the same section, that appear as a “single highlight” that makes it hard to select otherwise:

For example:

Note: I know yours was a slightly different case because it wasn’t showing up as separate in your vocab section either and it was requiring a highlighted section in between highlighted sections, but I just thought I’d share in the case that has been fixed for you and you find this helpful!

Hi, thanks for looking into this for me. I think my settings look a bit different using a PC. I can see I have “show vocab in sentence mode” turned on. Here are my settings:

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