Unable to save account information to become tutor

I don’t even know where to start with this… I keep entering my information for tutoring and editing availability and clicking save. Still… it doesn’t save! I searched for myself and didn’t see it. Can someone help me?

I’ve followed the exact directions. Go to Speak. Go to Add/Edit Conversations. Fill out all information. Save. Then… nothing.

@Maria003 - Sorry, it can be a bit confusing since you can’t see yourself on the Speak page even if you are appearing. It sounds like you have done everything right and I can see the Request Conversation button on your profile. However, since you have an activity score of 0 you won’t appear on the Speak page for anyone else either. You must increase your activity score to make it greater than 0 by either creating a LingQ, submitting writing, or joining a conversation. Then, you will appear in the conversations list (although you won’t be able to see yourself in the list :-))

@Mark: I remember that first I could see my own conversations on the speak page. About 2 years ago this changed. Now I cannot see my conversations and I cannot see my own activities on the friends page. A lot of people get confused about this. You should consider to change this.

But why am I not prompted with a conversation when I click “start/edit conversation”? I want to converse!!! :slight_smile: Am I missing a step? Or are you saying I just need to… start speaking?

Basically you will want to add conversation slots that reflect your availability, then if a student is interested they can sign up for a conversation with you. As soon as they sign up, you will receive a notification email.