Unable to review lingqs in a lesson

There is a yellow button in every lesson with the label “Review LingQs” followed by the number of lingqs that are not marked as “known” in the given lesson.

When I click on that button, I get the message “Session Complete. No more LingQs due for review today”, presumably because I did review some lingqs earlier that day. But surely, when I want to review the “not known” words in a specific lesson, there should be no limit whatsoever. It should just go through all the yellow words in that particular lesson.

That’s the point of the “Review LingQs” button, or at least that’s what I thought. It’s there to allow us to quickly review the unknown words before or after reading the lesson.

It’s actually there for you to review the LingQs that are due for review. If none are due, you get that message. The “review some more” option does let you continue reviewing those words if you still want to. That was not working but is now working again. You can also always click the View All LingQs button and then Manage to see all LingQs from that lesson on the Vocabulary page where you can then review them all you want.