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Hi - I’ve noticed I’m unable to reply to a message received by another user. I write my reply, hit return and it just says, “Sending” and spins and spins and spins but never posts. The most recent was from a LingQ support email from:
il_melomane70 posted a comment on your wall
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I’ve tried Chrome and IE8 with the same results - I’ve turned off Kaspersky (I’ve learned it’s often the culprit) but again, it just spins and will not send. Anyone else having this problem?
And thank you!


p.s. also unusual, is that there really is no “button” that says “post” (as in this email here where there is such a button below this sentence) - so I’m just hitting the “return” key to try and send. It seems like there should instead be a “Reply” button yet there is none…

That’s strange! I wrote a test reply and it worked perfect for me (I’m working with the actual version of Mozilla Firefox). In case you don’t find another solution, you may write your reply on my wall.

Hi Frank - yes, at least I can answer you here on my laptop - (Chrome or IE8) - so it appears it’s PC related more than browser related. I turned off antivirus and firewalls and still it won’t send. But at least I’m good on the laptop so that’s fine. Thank you for your post! Daniel

Hi Daniel, thanks for your posts. I’ve just read your messages on your wall.
I can understand very well, that you’re interested in the language of the three greatest composers of all the time :slight_smile: (Although the present-day German differs a little bit from that of Bach’s or of Mozart’s time :wink: ). The musicologists are still quarrelling about if it was Bach or Mozart (who knows how many brilliant master works he’d have composed if he had got older than only 35, e.g. 86 like Telemann).
I - personally - appreciate some other composers almost as much as the above mentioned (among them Händel, Haydn, C.P.E. Bach and many more, or several Italian and French composers). Of course, I also listen to the music of the 19th and 20th century, too. With Hans Werner Henze (R.I.P) we’ve surely lost one of the best and most famous composers of the contemporaneous epoch.

Good luck with your German

Danke Frank!

Daniel Léo Simpson
San Francisco

@scoreperfect - We are unable to reproduce this issue. Have you discovered anything more? It seems it must be related to your computer setup.

I’m sorry I have not - but actually I have not been using forum lately - I am really enjoying the ability to do personal imports of personal material. This is very helpful. I will certainly let you know if I come up with a solution to the other issue. - Daniel Léo Simpson

Un - I believe you must have fixed it - the post a moment ago worked!