Unable to reorder playlist - GIF attached

Whenever I try to reorder my playlist it will revert to the original order as soon as I tap play on any of the tracks. Am I doing something wrong?

Do you have that issue on the Android app only? What happens if you try to re-order it on the website?

I’m using the latest IOS on an iphone 7.

It works fine if I reorder it on the website.

Yeah, reordering on the iOS app has been broken for a couple months now. I just reorder through the web version.

@Charlie @Edwin We can’t reproduce that issue on our end. Can you please contact us on support(at)lingq.com , message us directly from the app so that we can check your logs and figure out why it doesn’t work for you? Thanks!

Thanks, I’ve just sent an email over now.

Just FYI to the LingQ team, I am still having this problem on the iOS app.

@JDHallKY I asked our iOS developers to look into that.

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