Unable to remove lessons and courses

I saw a similar thread relating to imported content, but this question is about library content. If I open a lesson, the course and lesson get added to the “My Lessons” and “My Courses” sections. I do not see any way to get rid of them. It is natural to open a lesson to see if you like it. If you decide it is not for you, you do not want to keep seeing it on your page!

The language I am learning is Latin. The whole “learn and review LingQ words” thing does not apply to Latin, for two reasons: (1) word endings (inflections) change the entire meaning, and (2) the pronunciation of many of the LingQs is completely off from the pronunciation I intend to learn (reconstructed Classical Latin).

I don’t mind paying for premium LingQ in order to access the content without all the review metrics; but I am not going to keep returning to the site if my view is cluttered with content I looked at briefly and don’t plan to return to.

To remove a lesson/course from the continue studying shelf, just click on the green “+” button. Can you give it a try and let me know if you have any additional questions?

I’m having this problem as well. I signed up for premium and started opening lessons. As an intermediate learner going into it, I breezed through 20 or more intro lessons just to build up my vocabulary list. Now, no matter what I do, I can’t remove these lessons from the Continue Studying carousel. I’ve tried doing it on desktop and app, logging in and out, deleting from multiple types of page views, etc. Nothing seems to work. I’ve also tried the method recommended by zoran to click the green + button, but this doesn’t work either. As soon as I refresh my screen, the lesson comes back. I now have about 40 lessons in my Continue Studying carousel that I cannot remove by any means.

Thanks. Other users complained about the same issue and I am looking into it now. We will have it fixed.

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Thank you! My apologies if my original post sounded harsh. I didn’t intend to come off so strongly. Wishing you a lovely day :slight_smile:

This is the ONLY, and MOST frustrating experience I’m having with LingQ, I have lessons listed… but no ‘green’ arrows. And I cannot get rid of them. I know they can just be ignored and are not going to affect my learning… but my OCD kicks in and I become obsessed with a clean, as I desire, ‘continue studying’ row.

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